Dr. Laura LaRain, C.Ht

Certified Hypnotherapist


Dr. Laura LaRain is the Founder and Director of Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute and Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic. She has been a student and practitioner of Hypnotherapy for over 30 years.

Laura began suffering the symptoms of SLE (Systemic lupus) at the age of 14. The symptoms of SLE are so diverse and varied that doctors were unable to diagnose the illness. She suffered for years fighting infections, loss of vision, lack of energy, lowered lung capacity, multiple hospital stays, and the debilitating side-effects of a multitude of prescription drugs. Determined to live a full and healthy life to raise her 2 young children, Laura abandoned most of the prescription drugs and started a rigorous program of juicing. At the same time, she came upon a book on self-hypnosis and began to give herself suggestions of health and healing.

It wasn't until Laura was in her late 20's that doctors were able to properly diagnose her illness. She was told that the disease was in the later stages and, at the most, she had 3 years to live. Unwilling to accept the dire prognosis and treatment of the symptoms offered by traditional doctors, Laura began to study Hypnotherapy in earnest.

She studied under Dr.'s Kappas, Hodges and Sommerman in Georgia. After receiving her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Laura founded Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic in Marietta, GA in 1978.

Her struggle to combat the symptoms of SLE is ongoing. Eight years ago, the disease caused her to become partially paralyzed and in a semi-unconscious state for 3 weeks. A student of Dr. Larain's, Laura Pagano, made a Hypnosis recording and played it repeatedly for her in the hospital. The recording talked about beautiful, blue healing cells floating through her body, healing damaged cells and restoring her body to health: the only memory she has of those 21 days.

40 years after being told that she has 3 years to live, Laura saw her children grow into adults, and has helped thousands of people with many issues. She credits Hypnosis for her life.

Laura's work and practice have led her to being nationally recognized as a leading authority in the field as well. Today, Laura continues to use Hypnosis to enhance her life and the lives of others, and never fails to be amazed at the positive benefits that Hypnotherapy can bring. She is an active Hypnotherapist helping people daily, and tirelessly promoting understanding and education in the field.