Katherine Walker, C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist


Like so many of us, I worked in a different field for over 30 years. One day I realized I needed something more fulfilling.

My desire to make changes in my professional and personal life led me to seek help through hypnosis. I had always had an interest in helping people.  After experiencing hypnosis and getting the full experience of what it had to offer, I realized that it would actually be possible to help people make positive life altering changes in their lives. So, I decided to go to Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute in Marietta, Georgia.

Working full time, It took a while to finish the 500 hours of hypnosis classes and the Practitioner level of Neuro Linguistic programming. I have been practicing for about seven years. I absolutely love helping people free themselves of stress and learn how to stay stress free. Think about how being stress free would change your life... the possibilities are endless, aren't they?

There are so many ways to help people in hypnosis that it would take a page or two to list them, but I work with many different issues and help people achieve balance in their lives, i.e. Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Confidence, Procrastination, Fears/Phobias and much, much more.


Pain Management

Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic has been a real blessing for me to have found, especially my Angel Hypnotherapist Katherine Walker.  As I deal with my pre-surgical fear issues, Katherine and the entire staff at the Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic have been warm, encouraging and very supportive.  They follow my progress carefully and are always available should I need any further assistance.  I am so grateful to be working with Katherine.  I truly admire the work they do and have referred friends to the Clinic as well.


Kennesaw, GA.



Self Improvement

My work with Katherine Walker has been the single most important life altering investment I have made in my entire adult life.  Friends and family have noticed a huge and positive change in my demeanor since I began my sessions at Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic.  I am finally beginning to have the career as an artist that I have always wanted, thanks to Katherine.  She continues to help me push through my blocks and fears regarding success/failure in my career and personal life.  Even I am amazed at the progress I have made due to Katherine’s expertise in hypnotherapy.

 I would recommend anyone who is wanting and needing positive and permanent change in their lives to call Katherine Walker at Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic.


Roswell, GA.




When I started seeing Katherine I needed help in so many areas of my life and myself.  My very first visit was informative and completely relaxing!  The science of hypnotherapy was broken down and explained simply and clearly.  I understood exactly what it was all about and knew it was for me.

Katherine has opened her mind, heart, spirit, and gifts of understanding to me in any way possible throughout my therapy with her.  She has been comforting and reassuring.  I’ve felt safe to explore and explain some of the most painful experiences of my past and present.  I have felt overjoyed as she patiently and intently listened to me share how much better I’m feeling as I evolve through the process.  She has never judged me for baring all of my “bad habits or addictions”.  She has expressed a consistent level of unconditional love and acceptance towards me no matter what we are working on that day.

I am particularly grateful that Katherine entered into this field because I believe her intuitive gifts allow her to bring a special integration of love to her patients.

Anyone can probably “go through the motions” of practicing this art, but she allows herself to be truly present with her patients in a relateable way that makes me feel like she’s on the journey with me and this somehow strengthens me further and encourages me in many ways.  She completely opens herself which in turn helps me to open myself more and more.  She is very professional and knows exactly what to focus on to give me the best result.  She opens the door for me to make the decision of where to go next.  

I’ve been liberated of fears and past traumas.  I’ve completely overcome my addictions to sugar, caffeine and marijuana and alcohol!  I’ve also overcome insomnia.  I’ve experienced a total purification process, and in many ways feel resurrected!  I could go on and on about how great I feel and how much more clear my thoughts and mind is!  I’m able to face the most difficult things in my life with a positive proactive assertive attitude and energy!  This means for me that on every level, I am being healed, restored, renewed, and strengthened!  My physical appearance is more youthful and my personality is invigorated to come out and play again without doubt or fear!  Everyone around me is amazed at how I am changing and my influence is inadvertently having a positive effect on them as well!  Healing is contagious.

I highly recommend Katherine and the Hypnotherapy Center to every and any one who wants to revolutionize themselves, heal, feel better about everything, or for anyone who simply wants to go on an adventure to discovering more about themselves!


Roswell, GA.



Eating Disorder


Originally I decided to try hypnotherapy with you for my eating disorder.  During the seven therapy sessions over six weeks I was very pleased to have lost six pounds, but even more than that I experienced a peace of mind and a lack of stress which I had not known before.


You also got me over my intense fear of driving near large trucks on the freeway which I had suffered since being hit by a semi-tractor trailer years ago.  Futhermore, you got me past the lifetime of verbal abuse my mother has inflicted on me.  And because I am no longer constantly "playing her old tapes" in my head I have been able to visit her again.


Your work with me has been the most effective therapy I have ever done, and I strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their lives.




Marietta, GA





I was always stopping to buy junk food candy, Kit Kats, Snickers etc.  I went to Katherine Walker who amazingly stopped those cravings and habits.  I am now free from vendor machines and poor energy.  Through the science Hypnotherapy, I no longer need unhealthy sweets.  Thank you Katherine Walker for being the best at what you do!




Marietta, GA





Fear of Surgery


I was diagnosed with my 3rd breast cancer 10/07, and started Hypnotherapy on 12/13/07, continuing until 9/11/08...6 sessions in all.  I tried it to help me get through 4 surgeries and 5 sessions of chemo.  Since I had dealt with breast cancer twice before, it was a pretty scary scenario.  The Community Breast Health Project told me about the benefits of hypnotherapy.


With the hypnotherapy, I found I could visualize my up coming demons, and know that I had at least some control over the outcome...just because of my attitude.  It gave me peace of mind.  Hypnhotherapy also encourged me to use meditation music to help  relax, and that music was with me for every "event" I participated in.


The emotions that I felt after my first session (which lasted over 2 hours) were unbelievable.  A friend had driven me there, since I didn't know what to expect.  When I finished and got in the car, I just burst into tears (but of joy) and told her it was something I couldn't even explain.


It helped me visualize my upcoming surgeries and chemo treatments....and be much better prepared to make it through.



Eureka, CA



Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)


I am writing to detail benefits and changes noted in my son since his beginning hypnotherapy treatment mid-July 2011.  My 12 year old 7th grade son was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago with Tourette Syndrome Plus (the "plus" denoting co-existing conditions that often are present along with tics).  He not only intermittently demonstrates motor and vocal tics, but co-morbidly has anger, depression, OCD, and ADD.

After about 1 month of sessions at Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic with Ms. Katherine Walker, I began to notice my son was having less anger episodes, and when he did get angry, it was more short-lived.  Additionally, his moods are more even-keel now.  As far as depression, he has only had one incident that was concerning since starting hypnotherapy treatment.  Prior to treatment, the family often walked on eggshells not knowing what might set my son off into anger, sadness, or depression.  We took him off the anti-depressant he had been on for about 1 1/2 years in May 2011 after physical side effects were outweighing any benefit of the medication.


Once he started the 7th grade this fall (after about 6 hypnotherapy sessions), we REALLY noted changes.  Never able to focus and stay on task in the mornings to get ready for school in years past, my son now gets up (to an alarm clock) ready, awake, and usually in a good mood.  Furthermore, he dresses and comes to breakfast without constant reminders and nagging as in EVERY school year in the past.  His appetite is better (it was very low this past summer).  Oddly enough, he even started asking me, "Mom, is there anything I can help you with?"  He has NEVER done that before.  Even when completing a chore, he might now even say, "Is there anything else I need to do?"


Additionally, my son has also self-motivated a few times this fall to instigate doing his homework and sticking with it until completion.  This does not happen all the time, but one must understand that in years past, MOM had to always be the homework police and sit with him FOR UP TO 3 HOURS a night to get homework done (this lengthy time was sometimes due to inattentiveness / having to re-direct, sometimes due to tics, sometimes due to anger and / or depression).  It used to be exhausting for the whole family.  Wonderfully, he now writes most of his assignments in his agenda even though he may not have a complete understanding of the assignment or know the due date.  Thankfully, my son's handwriting has improved (it took a dive in the 5th grade), AND he seems to have lost the "writer's block" he developed in the latter years of elementary school which continued through the 6th grade.  Also, his note taking is more complete, not just phrases or words like in the 6th grade.


My husband and I were concerned about putting our son on any other medications, even though we knew he needed help with his moods and focus.  We believe God directed us to hypnotherapy although I had researched it before but did not find good information about Tourette Syndrome and the co-existing conditions being treated by this type therapy.  I cannot explain such a myriad of changes in a young person over a short period of time except his treatment in hypnotherapy.  Even with the onset of school (which we fully expected an increase in tics as stress is a "tic trigger"), my son did not have a rough start to school this fall.  My heart, as a mother, is light.  The stress level in the entire family is lower.  My son is doing WONDERFULLY.  I know we may have more to deal with as Tourette's can continue into adulthood; but, I know we have a tool called hypnotherapy that has no negative side effects to help my son deal with any challenges that may lie ahead.



Marietta, GA








 I have been a well pleased client of Katherine's for a little while now before going back to school.  I came to her during one of life's more difficult times.  I am a sophomore at Georgia Southern University and with college comes many adjustments to school work, the social life, and overall a new  life experience.  I was having a hard time dealing with my roommates and even certain issues with my own personal home life which caused excessive anxiety in my life.  I was scheduled to attend four sessions with Katherine.  When it was time for my first session I was quite anxious to see what steps she would use to help me be completely inviting to my hypnosis.  It was great along with being overwhelmed with the amount of skills she had to make me feel comfortable.  As each session followed, I was told to pick a key word that would help me regain focus whenever I was hit with difficult times.  To my surprise it WORKED! Quite well.  During my hypnotherapy she explained how to use this key word during breathing techniques that we covered in each session.  Katherine has greatly helped me improve my attitude towards life difficulties.  I recommend this to anyone dealing with anything that you must OVERCOME in order to function; Katherine can definitely help you, she's the BEST! Clinical Hypnotherapist.




Woodstock, GA